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Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Once a spiritual teacher went to the town and on his return, he said: "Oh, I am filled with joy! There was such divine inspiration and exaltation there!" Therefore one of his students decided to go to the town to check if he could feel the same. He came back saying: "Horrible! How terrible the world is! Everyone seems to be at one another's throats. I felt nothing but depression, as if my whole being was torn to pieces." "Yes" said the teacher, "you are right." Student asked "But explain to me, why you were so exalted after going out, and why I was so torn to pieces, horrible!" The teacher said: "You did not walk in the rhythm that I walked in through the city."


This walking means not only the slow rhythm of the walk, but that rhythm with which the mind is moving, that rhythm with which the observation is gained. It is that which makes the difference between one person and another. It is that perception which brings about the difference between the reasoning of one person and another.


A story from "Mysticism of

Sound and Music", by Inayat Khan

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